What To Do When A Tree Has Overgrown Your Fence in Vancouver

Trees Growing Onto the Property of Othersovergrowntree

Property rights issues can become interesting when a tree starts to grow into a neighbour’s yard. Some people will just find this intrusion irritating, depending on the nature of it. However, this is still a neighbour’s tree, and neighbours cannot necessarily just alter the tree as they see fit even if it is on their property at present.

Determination of Ownership

The question of property and ownership with regards to the tree can start to become complicated. The actual location of the tree on the public or private piece of land can become the deciding factor.

The tree might be on public property. If this is the case, people will find that their hands are tied. In the City of Vancouver, interfering with anything that belongs to the city requires special permission from the city. People cannot even breach the bark or put signs or other items on the tree. Usually, to get authorization to alter the tree, people will need to provide some sort of a reason for why the tree needs to be altered in the first place.

Trees that originate from private property will be easier to deal with in most cases. Some areas might not have any actual laws concerning these trees, which will make things a lot easier for everyone involved. There are actually no private property tree laws in Vancouver. A given property cannot have growth that will interfere with the alleys, the roadways, or the sidewalks. However, other than that, it’s all about the property that is actually supporting the tree.

People cannot make changes to the property of another. Cutting off the branches of a tree that have grown into the yard could lead to a lawsuit from the legal owner of the tree. This is a civil case and not a legal one, but it can still be complicated.

Like a lot of civil matters, the best response typically involves personal negotiation. A lot of neighbours are going to have to learn to live together in some way even in the case of interpersonal conflicts like these. People can talk about trees that are potentially annoying them, and they can try to make sure that their trees are not growing into anyone else’s lawn. Tree services can help.

Trees on Private Property

Some private property trees might have laws attached. Some of them may not. There are not any private property tree laws in Vancouver. However, people might still have to make sure that their trees are not spilling over into the sidewalks, roadways, or alleys. The private ownership of trees is usually ultimately a function of the original property.

Arborists and Tree Problems

People won’t always know what to do when it comes to overgrown branches. They might be better off with consulting with an arborist if they have overgrown branches. Arborists can take care of these branches efficiently and safely. People won’t have to worry about property damage or related tree problems.

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