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The joys (or sorrow) of choosing a property management company in Vancouver

Property management is defined as an activity that is aimed at maximizing revenue from a specific property over its whole economic lifespan. This role is carried out by a property manager that is assigned to a property management company. This implies that the major aim of the property manager should be the achievement of an increase in revenue. Additionally, such an increase in revenue is dependent upon maintaining the property’s physical integrity. Therefore, the property management company will strive to meet the requirements of the client while at the same time ensuring that the property’s economic life is maximized.

Strata management, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of property management; its chief aim is to maintain low maintenance charges but also ensure that they do not compromise the property’s integrity.

Choosing a property management company to manage your rental building or strata can be a daunting task (tell me about it) especially due to the influx of property management agents from less than reputable companies. However, after finding a strata property management company for our building while being on the strata committee I have a few tips for choosing the ultimate company that will manage your property in the most economical way. They include:

Preparation of tender procedures

The procedures include a list of questions, items or requirements that aid in arriving at the specific management needs of the property owner. These guidelines will compel the strata or property managers to come up with their financial and operational requirements that help both parties reach a compromise on the proposals submitted.

The nature of the property

Rental and strata management requirements are similar on many fronts. However, the major focus of the property owner should be on management companies that have a good reputation, have professional property managers with a wealth of experience in managing strata or rentals. Additionally you should make sure that you understand the requisite legislation that governs the management of properties.

Ask for Referrals

This is how I found our new company. People who have experienced the services you seek are better placed to point you to the best service providers. They will provide you with a list of the reputable management firms that you should consider working with.

Ensure you have access to the company you choose to work with

Some strata management firms in Vancouver are nationwide and therefore getting access to them in case of any dissatisfaction can prove a daunting task. Therefore, you need a localized property manager so that you can have your issues addressed much faster. In addition, you should choose a property manager who understands the local real estate dynamics and hence can address your issues better.

Have Personal contact with your property manager

Hire a property manager that you have personally interviewed and gauged their experience. This way, you can personally determine their suitability ahead of the job you will employ them to perform.

You should also have prior knowledge about the manager’s compensation package before hiring them.

Other important criteria to consider a firm that utilizes modern technology in generating financial reports and analysis which are used for property management milestones.

Lastly view the contract you enter into and request to have the proposal appended to it.

We picked Ascent Real Estate to manage our building. I can recommend them but it’s always best to check other companies whenever selecting one to manage your building.


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Getting a Mortgage for My New Vancouver Condo over Tea

Vancouver is a wonderful place to live. It’s no wonder that our city entraps the hearts of tourists and travelers, many of which never bother to return home. Our ocean beaches and forests provide us with an absolutely glorious landscape, tall trees exude clean air and mountains provide us with nature’s most incredible jungle gym. I couldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world… and so this is what I thought to my self, until I looked into purchasing a home here. Apparently many others agree with my sentiments adoring Vancouver; and have also decided they want a home here. The problem here is this; there is not enough land between ocean and mountain. Also, both the local and foreign investors have driven housing prices up, up, up!

Saved money without spending any

So here I am in a dilemma, how do I purchase a home in one of the most expensive cities in North America with out losing my shirt! Fortunately there are some very effective mortgage professionals that work their magic in this city. Enter Rebecca Awram, a professional in the Mortgage Brokering business with whom one of my good friends referred to me. Rebecca is a Vancouver mortgage broker with Origin Mortgage DLC. I would think it is fair to say that everyone here uses mortgage brokers; the simple reason is that they can deal with several (I mean sometimes 10-12) different lenders. These lenders all have different criteria when if comes to borrowing money to purchase a home. It would be a HUGE undertaking to try and negotiate with them all on my own. So I put my faith in Rebecca and let her do her thing. I must say she was AMAZING. Easy to talk to; we chatted over a cup of my favorite botanical blend and she went to work right away. Once I found the home I wanted she was able to get me a rate far better then any of my banks. This saved me many THOUSANDS of dollars over the time I own my home. I couldn’t be happier; I now have a beautiful home that I love in a city that I love, and all thanks to my mortgage broker who made the purchase of my Vancouver area home much more affordable.

You can find more about having Rebecca find you the best mortgage in Greater Vancouver by visiting her website at or her Facebook page