adult acne laser treatment

Yes, I still have acne in my 40s. Laser treatment you say?

Eamon Acne is the most well-known skin disease in the world that affects most teenagers. But 5 percent of women (me) and 15 percent of men still suffer from it in their 40s. Many people still assume that acne is caused by lifestyle factors and by using antibacterial washes or eating less fatty foods can help get rid of it. I do all of that and it still doesn’t work! Everyone I have tea with has these suggestions but they have no idea that it won’t necessarily work.

Acne is the bacterial infection resulting from the action of hormones and some other substances in the skin’s oil glands, hair follicles and sebaceous glands. And because there is no actual cure for acne, some new treatments such as the laser acne treatment has been shown to be highly effective in treating acne.

Laser Treatment Proven Effective for Acne Treatment

The latest technology in the fight of acne involves the use of laser acne treatment. Since 2002, different lasers have received the FDA clearance for treatment of acne. The combination laser treatments, such as Accutane can help reduce the size of the hyperactive sebaceous glands. Laser acne treatment has a major benefit of not being drugged, therefore it is essentially side effect free. While the earliest group of acne treatment targets the sebaceous gland. The newer laser acne treatment targets the P. Acnes bacterium which often in the skin and causes inflamed acne breakout.

Laser acne treatment works well for people with mild to moderate acne and is suitable for people who have tried the usual treatments with antibiotics and creams with little or no success at all. The laser acne treatment is not suitable for scarring, cystic and severe acne. If you suffer from severe acne you should see your dermatologist so as to discuss your medication. The laser acne treatment can be used to reduce the acne spots and fade the red mark left behind by acne spots, but will not completely remove craters or pits on the skin surface.

Prevents Zits

The laser acne treatment aims to prevent zits (papules and pustules). It appears to be less effective when it comes to non-inflammatory acne and severe lesions. Lasers, like at home light device, work on the premise of existing compounds known as the porphyrins, which are inside the acne bacteria. When laser excites porphyrins, porphyrins damages the bacteria walls effectively killing all the bacteria. The less bacteria should aid in reducing the symptoms of acne. The kind of laser treatments used by doctors includes pulsed dye, diode, fractional, infrared, pulse light and KTP as well as the new lasers known as Isolaz.

During the treatment most patients report mild with little more than stinging or snapping sensation. The topical anesthetics are provided when you find the procedure uncomfortable.

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