Every time you are surfing the internet, you make use of a search engine in one way or the other even if you are just searching for the latest and greatest tea on the market. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are a convenient way to look for something on the internet. Although some would say that searching in Bing and Yahoo are a waste of time, but I digress. Apart from looking, the same search engines are a great avenue to be found via the internet. For businesses, individuals, organizations and bloggers like me that have an online presence and would like to increase their discoverability, search engine optimization is a crucial part of the equation. You see, getting discovered through search engines requires your site, blog or any other web content to be optimized for search engines (apparently this blog isn’t optimized enough). As information on the internet keeps on surging, having SEO as part of your customer acquisition process becomes more of a necessity.

How Valuable and Relevant is Your Content?

Search engines are a key part of how the modern internet works. They make use of bots in order to crawl through content on the internet and index it. This way, discovering new content becomes much easier thanks to the power of search. Search engines usually rank the search results that it brings back to the searcher based on a number of decision rules. This usually depends on the worth or value of the content and how far widespread this content has been shared or linked to on the internet.

For individuals, businesses, and organizations that seek to get visible on the internet, optimization of their web content for search engines is a must. This is usually done through the use of SEO techniques. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is very important for websites that need to rank higher in search engine results.

All Search Engines Use an Algorithm

In order to rank web content better on the internet, search engines usually have a set of standards in algorithm (Yikes! Geek stuff.) which are used to measure and compare different websites that match for a certain search term. These standards are the guidelines by which SEO analysts and content creators use to improve the discoverability of their content on the web. The rank of a web page is also dependent of other web pages as well. Internet pages that have more links pointing to them tend to have more relevance to searchers and will usually rank higher than those which have fewer links.

Use Unique Content

Whenever you are creating content for the web, it is important that you write unique content that won’t be considered to be plagiarism by search engines. Plagiarism of web content reduces the ranking capability of a website and is usually considered to be a no-no for search engines. Search engine rules also tend to change from time to time and the best way to adapt to these changes is ensuring that you create useful content which will add value to the readers.

Search engine optimization involves creation of content that is optimized for expected search terms as well as related terms which the searcher can use in place of the main keywords. Since search engines use the relative weight of appearance of these terms in the content, having the keywords distributed within the content makes a web page rank better in search results and get more internet traffic. Apart from internet traffic, search engine optimization helps your website get a greater brand appeal since more people will be exposed to your site.

SEO is Not Easy? Really? I Wouldn’t Have Known

Getting discovered on the internet is not always easy owing to the very high competition from other websites in the same niche. This is made even harder by the fact that people using search engine to find information on the internet will rarely go past the first few pages of the search results. With SEO, a website can be able to rank higher thus appearing at a strategic location where it will get higher traffic levels and ultimately convert these visitors into customers. Such a feat does not take place on its own; it requires hard work, dedication and creation of fresh content for individual, business or organizational websites, blogs, social media posts and other web content.

In conclusion, search engine optimization is a key component for discoverability on the internet and greatly increases the visibility of a website. By taking the time to create content that is search engine optimized, individuals, businesses and organizations can greatly increase their online visibility and the value of their brand.

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