When you have your carpet cleaned by a professional company, not only will it help improve the overall appearance of your home and lifespan of the carpet itself, but your general health will also be improved as well. This means that if there is anyone in your family who suffers from issues related to asthma, allergies, etc., vacuuming your carpet approximately three times per week will help them feel a great deal better. Additionally, your carpet should be cleaned by a professional at least once per year. It may be easier and cheaper to rent a carpet cleaner from a nearby store, but spending the extra money to have the job done by a professional will make a huge difference in the long run.

Here are five different health benefits that explain why.

Trapped Pollutants Will Disappear

Carpets that are dirty contain all sorts of pollutants, which include dirt, dust, pet dander, etc. Whenever you either walk on or vacuum your carpet, these pollutants are then released into the air, thereby contaminating it. When you hire a professional cleaner, they will be able to remove all of these pollutants thanks to more high-powered vacuums, as well as kill all of the bacteria with special shampoo formulas before the bacteria is even able to get into the air.

Air Quality is Improved

While vacuuming your carpet is the only way to remove pollutants from its surface, as previously mentioned, whenever you do, those pollutants are released into the air, which can contaminate it. This means that those who suffer from issues such as asthma will end up only suffering even more as a result. Not having your carpet professionally cleaned will only result in those who deal with breathing issues only have a great deal more difficulty with what they’re suffering from; however, when a carpet does get professionally cleaned, the risks of dealing with attacks will be greatly reduced.

Dust Mite Infestations Will Be Cleared

You can’t see dust mites because they’re so microscopic in size. This also means that you’ll never know if and when your home may be infested with them. However, the particles left behind from them, such as their feces and body parts, can be very easily inhaled and can also cause all sorts of allergy issues as a result. When professional carpet cleaners steam clean your carpet, dust mites are unable to survive the high temperatures that are emitted from the machines, meaning any and all infestations are wiped out instantly.

Mold Development is Prevented

Carpets that are dirty will often run the risk of developing mold, especially in areas containing high humidity where more moisture is found. If you may not live in this type of area, you almost certainly live in one where there is rain, snow, etc. that can be tracked inside on the bottom of your shoes. This moisture will become trapped in your carpet if it isn’t cleaned up almost immediately. The best way to prevent mold in your carpet is to have it regularly cleaned by a professional cleaner, as they will be able to get rid of all of the excess moisture thanks to the industrial-strength suction power that is found on all of their machines.

Your Back is Protected

You should never have to move your heavy furniture pieces to clean your carpet. Instead, allow professional cleaners to do that for you. Professionals have all of the knowledge and human resources to move heavy furniture pieces both safely and adequately. Once they finish cleaning, they will move everything back to its proper location onto protective styrofoam blocks, all of which can be easily removed once the carpet has fully dried.

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