What To Do When A Tree Has Overgrown Your Fence in Vancouver

Trees Growing Onto the Property of Othersovergrowntree

Property rights issues can become interesting when a tree starts to grow into a neighbour’s yard. Some people will just find this intrusion irritating, depending on the nature of it. However, this is still a neighbour’s tree, and neighbours cannot necessarily just alter the tree as they see fit even if it is on their property at present.

Determination of Ownership

The question of property and ownership with regards to the tree can start to become complicated. The actual location of the tree on the public or private piece of land can become the deciding factor.

The tree might be on public property. If this is the case, people will find that their hands are tied. In the City of Vancouver, interfering with anything that belongs to the city requires special permission from the city. People cannot even breach the bark or put signs or other items on the tree. Usually, to get authorization to alter the tree, people will need to provide some sort of a reason for why the tree needs to be altered in the first place.

Trees that originate from private property will be easier to deal with in most cases. Some areas might not have any actual laws concerning these trees, which will make things a lot easier for everyone involved. There are actually no private property tree laws in Vancouver. A given property cannot have growth that will interfere with the alleys, the roadways, or the sidewalks. However, other than that, it’s all about the property that is actually supporting the tree.

People cannot make changes to the property of another. Cutting off the branches of a tree that have grown into the yard could lead to a lawsuit from the legal owner of the tree. This is a civil case and not a legal one, but it can still be complicated.

Like a lot of civil matters, the best response typically involves personal negotiation. A lot of neighbours are going to have to learn to live together in some way even in the case of interpersonal conflicts like these. People can talk about trees that are potentially annoying them, and they can try to make sure that their trees are not growing into anyone else’s lawn. Tree services can help.

Trees on Private Property

Some private property trees might have laws attached. Some of them may not. There are not any private property tree laws in Vancouver. However, people might still have to make sure that their trees are not spilling over into the sidewalks, roadways, or alleys. The private ownership of trees is usually ultimately a function of the original property.

Arborists and Tree Problems

People won’t always know what to do when it comes to overgrown branches. They might be better off with consulting with an arborist if they have overgrown branches. Arborists can take care of these branches efficiently and safely. People won’t have to worry about property damage or related tree problems.

GJ’s Tree Service’s understands Vancouver tree removal laws, Click Here and ask them a question about how legal it is to remove or replace a tree in Vancouver.

How Much Does A Vancouver Renovation Cost? How Long Does It Take?

When most homeowners consider a renovation, their minds are usually awash with questions, first among them being how much it will cost them, the duration of the project, and finally, problematic areas they should watch out for. According to a recent survey conducted by houzz.com, however, a renovation project will not only increase the comfort of your home but will also increase its value. The duration of a home remodeling project can range from a few days if you are planning something simple such as a repainting to several months for a major home remodeling project.

When it comes to any home remodeling effort, the first and simplest part is to determine what you want to be changed. The other, more difficult part is estimating the cost and determining how much you can afford to invest in your renovation project.


Steps to Decide How Much to Invest in Your Home Remodeling Project

When it comes to approximating the cost of a renovation project, most contractors estimate that a major upgrade will run from $100 to $200 or more per square foot. As a result, it is important to have your remodeling contractor or other home design professional in your corner to help you determine how much you will need to complete the project.

The next issue you should zero in on for your home remodeling project is to calculate how much money you will spend. If you plan to pay cash, then that answer is easy. If you are planning to borrow the money from your bank or other financial institution, your need to contact them and inquire as to how much they would be willing to loan and how much the bank loan will add to your monthly expenses.

There are three basic types of loan options available:

* Home equity loan
* Cash-out refinance
* Home equity line of credit (HELOC)

Most homeowners who plan a remodel project for their homes often choose the HELOC option to finance it. A HELOC uses the equity you have built up in your home to secure the loan, which means that you can get a lower interest rate than with other financing options. This method also allows you to deduct the interest from your taxes.

Get estimates from contractors. Before you start getting bids begin by determining what type of renovation you want to be done. You can be sure that all contractors will be quoting prices for the same items if you specify this information up front. To locate the right contractor, check online sites that have peer reviews of potential contractors such as caliberwestrenovations.ca – CLICK HERE for reviews of contractors. Ask about recent renovation projects, and get recommendations from friends.

How Long Does a Remodeling Take to Complete?

A home renovation involves tolerating a lot: workers walking through your home, dust and noisy tools. As a result, it is important to know how long all of this will take.

Bathroom remodeling.

The estimated time for a bathroom remodel is two to three weeks, and the cost is approximate $25,000. This project involves converting your bathroom into a spa.

Kitchen remodeling. A complete kitchen remodeling will take from eight to twelve weeks to complete and cost approximately $58,000. A complete kitchen remodels usually involves installing a kitchen island, replacing your old appliances with new ones, changing the floor, changing the lighting, and replacing the old kitchen cabinets. By contrast, a kitchen upgrade can cost much less. The national median of this type of project is $26,000, and it will take one to two weeks.

Replacing your roof with asphalt shingles. A project of this sort will usually take no more than one week and will cost a maximum of $7,500. Your contractor will remove and replace the shingles and moisture barriers.

In a survey conducted in 2015, it was discovered that remodeling a home is more affordable than selling and buying another. As a result, deciding to renovate your home is most often the best property investment decision you will ever make. The truth is that among the many choices you can make for investing in the long term good of your home, remodeling can be the wisest choice by far. Not only is it most often the least expensive option, but it is a choice that pays the greatest dividends.

Recognizing The Signs That Its Time For Vancouver Senior Home Care

Caring for a loved one with a serious health condition is never an easy task and can become extremely burdening on the caregiver’s health, both physical and mental. With over 15 million Americans caring for a loved one with dementia, Alzheimer’s or other high attention health need, it is no wonder that so many people find themselves asking if the time may be right to enquire about assisted living. When faced with this decision it can be a very unstable and unsure time in your life, you may already be drained from the stress and physical demands of caring for your loved one twenty-four hours a day, so be certain to take your time to look at all your options and be assured that you are making the correct decision for you, your family and your loved one. Strive Living Society – Vancouver senior home care will lead us through the reasons that family members may choose to seek out assisted living for their loved one, some of the various reasons can include:


Home Safety Issues – The problem may simply be that your home and yard is not up to the safety needs of your loved one. Are there certain aspects of your property that may pose a risk or hazard to either the caregiver or the loved one being cared for? If the problem is not an easily resolvable one, then it may be time to organize your loved one moving into assisted living.

Caregiving Needs Increasing – Are the health needs of your loved one steadily growing, placing more and more stress and strain upon your abilities as a caregiver? Are you simply finding yourself unable to meet the ongoing demand of their physical and emotional needs? If this is the case, as it is in a lot of situations, assisted living can be of a huge benefit for you as a caregiver and for the person receiving the care.

Aggression – Patients with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia can often find themselves becoming agitated or aggressive as a result of their illness. Physical, verbal and sexual aggression can occur between the caregiver, other household members, and their loved one, this can a lot of the time result in hurt feelings, resentment, and damaged relationships. If this is occurring in your home, it may be time to help your loved one adjust to assisted living.

Sundowner Syndrome – This condition is characterized by increasingly agitated behavior that worsens towards the end of the day. Sundowner syndrome is common among people with Alzheimer’s disease and can cause a great deal of stress among the other family members. Anger towards the loved one may arise when plans are affected daily, and the families routine can no longer be followed, if this is the case, it is possibly time to consider assisted living.

Wandering – This can place a huge strain on the caregiver. If a loved one is prone to wandering, it can be very difficult to ensure their continued safety. Making certain that your home is escape proof and up to safety standards can be quite a difficult task in itself, let alone the added stress of needing to supervise your loved one each hour of the day. This can be very draining both physically and mentally on the caregiver, and in a lot of circumstances assisted care is of course a more appropriate and safer option.

Increasing Stress On The Caregiver – There can be various reasons that stress may be increasing on the caregiver. From the actual physical demands of the job, the emotional strains that it can place upon you as well as the rest of your household, as well as the resentment and anger that sometimes comes along with it. Making certain that your loved one is safe and medically cared for, as well as trying to ensure a good quality of life for them can be an almost seemingly impossible task. Placing your loved one in assisted care can ease these strains and stresses that caring has placed upon the relationship and allow you to feel some relief and sense of control of the situation.

Making the decision to place your loved one into assisted care is never an easy one and should be given the appropriate consideration. If your daily life and that of your family are being affected negatively, or you simply feel as though you cannot provide adequate care, then you may find yourself confronted with the question of home care vs. assisted care. The additional stress and sometimes grief that can accompany a serious decision such as this are not to be taken lightly. You should discuss your thoughts, opinions, and choices through with another family member or loved one. There are also professional services to help you deal with such a decision. If possible try to discuss all the possibilities with your loved one before the illness decreases their ability to function. This can sometimes be a difficult or delicate task but will help to ensure that everyone’s wishes and needs are respected. Once you have made the decision to place your loved one into assisted care, it is important to remember that it doesn’t stop there. Do appropriate research into many different facilities to be able to rest easy once your loved one has moved knowing that they are receiving the highest quality of care. Remember to keep in touch on Skype or on a Facebook page with your loved one every day. The move itself can take time to adjust to, not only for your loved one but also for your household. It is important to try and not feel guilty about your sense of freedom that you feel once again, and if needed seek out the help and advice of professional counselors or join a support group. There are many services available for you to use should you require any help making your decision or dealing with your decision afterwards as well as how to deal with day to day life with a family member who is in assisted living. Remembering to take care of yourself both mentally and physically is of vital importance to not only your health but also to the quality care and help you still have to offer your loved one.

The Top Ten Coolest Playgrounds in the World And What Vancouverites Can Learn From Them

As the importance of health and safety has increased in our communities, we’ve seen playgrounds become less thrilling. While the desire to keep our children safe is natural and perfectly understandable, the question of whether or not you can be overprotective looms large. If one thing is clear anyway, it’s that an emphasis on ‘safe fun’ rarely translates to creativity or imagination.
It is one of the reasons why playground equipment has become so predictable and uninteresting, particularly to older children. Thirty years ago, playgrounds might not have looked as bright or colorful, but they were wonderlands of adventure.

The long metal slides glittered in the sun and burned your bottom on hot days. The rickety seesaw felt like it might collapse when you piled on with all your friends, but it always offered an exhilarating ride. The merry go round was surely the king of the park. Fraught with danger but kids were always coming up with new and ever riskier ways to ride it.

Making sure that modern playgrounds are safe isn’t a bad thing. Of course not. However, there is a lot to be said for letting children identify and respond to risk in their way. According to researchers in Norway, encountering dangers during play is an integral part of early development. Climbing high, spinning fast, and swinging from monkey bars arms free is a healthy way to learn about the world and the limits of the body.

Playing, particularly with playground equipment, is also a great way for children to stay active. So, where have all the wacky, zany, incredibly playgrounds gone? Is the spirit of adventure still out there just waiting to be discovered? Well, if you look in the right places, you might get a pleasant surprise.

This guide to the coolest playgrounds on the planet is going to introduce some crazy spots where unbridled adventure still lives. Some of the boring BC Playgrounds can learn from these great playgrounds around the world.

1: Neptune Park

Neptune Park, in Saratoga Springs, is a relatively recent invention. It only opened in 2012, but it has captured imaginations ever since. This is primarily because of its thirty-foot tall climbing pyramid. It is the largest climbing frame of its type anywhere in the western world because it reaches past most two story buildings. The great thing about it is that kids can climb without fear. There are safety nets all around which prevent anybody from falling further than six feet.

2: Swarovski Crystal World

While Crystal World entrances the grownups, because it provides a detailed history of Swarovski jewels, kids can head straight for the huge trampoline. Like Neptune Park, it also has a super cool climbing tower. It is kitted out with rope swings, slides, and all manner of thrilling hideaways and climbing obstacles.


3: Lake Macquarie Variety Playground

The playground equipment at Lake Macquarie is a versatile arrangement, and it is designed to suit kids of all ages. In fact, many of the features are completely safe for disabled and visually impaired children too. The huge climbing tower, sprawling zip line, and incredible curly slide is enough to enchant any visitor. Those with mobility problems can join in with almost all of the activities. Even the swings are wheelchair friendly.

4: Imagination Playground

The Imagination Playground was designed by a top architect. It is a little different to most playgrounds because it doesn’t contain much. There are no towering climbing frames or rope swings. Instead, kids are encouraged to use construction blocks, sand, and water to create entirely new toys and equipment.

5: Nagasaki School

This amazing playground is located on the roof of a school in Nagasaki, Japan. The main features are a fire engine pole and a climbing net which allow children to travel between the classroom and playground in style. The playground received a lot of critical acclaims when it was finally unveiled because it connects indoor and outdoor spaces in such a beautiful way.

6: Harry Thomas Sr. Playground

Now, for a very unusual playground indeed. The Harry Thomas Sr. Playground is entirely themed around mathematics. To be specific, its design is based on the famous Fibonacci numbers. The shape and arrangement of the playground equipment correspond to the numerical sequence. It is an ambitious idea, but we do wonder if the mathematical theme isn’t a little too advanced for most visitors.

The NY House of Science

The NY House of Science


7: Woodland Discovery

In Memphis, you’ll find the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy. What you might not find (at least not so easily) is the playground that it built. The aim for Woodland Discovery was to create an almost ‘hidden’ landscape which blends seamlessly with the trees. Look carefully on your walk through the woods, and you’ll find secret treehouses, concealed sand pits, winding walkways, and invisible slides. Playground Equipment Vancouver BC loves Woodland Discovery because it blends nature and a natural play environment into a safe playground.

8: The Land

While the name might be a little uninspiring, this playground is anything but. It was inspired by a series of ‘junk adventures’ which were developed by a Danish architect in the thirties. The Land is an adventure park in the purest sense. Kids are encouraged to climb trees, swing from ropes, build dens, and learn how to light fires. The important thing is that parents do not supervise. Children are left alone for the most part, and the hope is that they’ll learn something new about themselves and the world.

9: New York Hall of Science

Corona, just outside central New York, is home to the Hall of Science and its sprawling Science Playground. It spans a remarkable 60,000 square feet, and there are opportunities to climb, spin, jump, balance, ride, and learn all about the science of movement. One of the most popular features is a huge spider web which is great for clambering around in.

10: Wallholla

Wallholla is an interesting playground because it is only a few feet wide. It reaches up to the sky though so that many children can share it at one time. The center of the structure holds a sturdy climbing net, and kids use this to scale the mini-skyscraper. On all the levels, there are little openings so that you can get outside and walk around the structure. It is very new and different perspective on the play, but it is proving to be a big hit. The Danish design is currently being copied in the States.

So, there you go. It is possible to create glorious, adventurous playgrounds which inflame young imaginations and get brains thinking. We believe that the best forms of play are those that teach you something. It’s even more special when kids don’t realize that they’re learning while they’re having fun.

The important thing is that none of the playgrounds listed are particularly dangerous or risky either. Some place emphasis on freedom and lack of supervision but even these environments encourage children to learn safe behaviors. Perhaps the point is that we should trust our children more and expect them to make the right decisions for themselves.

vancouver skyline

The joys (or sorrow) of choosing a property management company in Vancouver

Property management is defined as an activity that is aimed at maximizing revenue from a specific property over its whole economic lifespan. This role is carried out by a property manager that is assigned to a property management company. This implies that the major aim of the property manager should be the achievement of an increase in revenue. Additionally, such an increase in revenue is dependent upon maintaining the property’s physical integrity. Therefore, the property management company will strive to meet the requirements of the client while at the same time ensuring that the property’s economic life is maximized.

Strata management, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of property management; its chief aim is to maintain low maintenance charges but also ensure that they do not compromise the property’s integrity.

Choosing a property management company to manage your rental building or strata can be a daunting task (tell me about it) especially due to the influx of property management agents from less than reputable companies. However, after finding a strata property management company for our building while being on the strata committee I have a few tips for choosing the ultimate company that will manage your property in the most economical way. They include:

Preparation of tender procedures

The procedures include a list of questions, items or requirements that aid in arriving at the specific management needs of the property owner. These guidelines will compel the strata or property managers to come up with their financial and operational requirements that help both parties reach a compromise on the proposals submitted.

The nature of the property

Rental and strata management requirements are similar on many fronts. However, the major focus of the property owner should be on management companies that have a good reputation, have professional property managers with a wealth of experience in managing strata or rentals. Additionally you should make sure that you understand the requisite legislation that governs the management of properties.

Ask for Referrals

This is how I found our new company. People who have experienced the services you seek are better placed to point you to the best service providers. They will provide you with a list of the reputable management firms that you should consider working with.

Ensure you have access to the company you choose to work with

Some strata management firms in Vancouver are nationwide and therefore getting access to them in case of any dissatisfaction can prove a daunting task. Therefore, you need a localized property manager so that you can have your issues addressed much faster. In addition, you should choose a property manager who understands the local real estate dynamics and hence can address your issues better.

Have Personal contact with your property manager

Hire a property manager that you have personally interviewed and gauged their experience. This way, you can personally determine their suitability ahead of the job you will employ them to perform.

You should also have prior knowledge about the manager’s compensation package before hiring them.

Other important criteria to consider a firm that utilizes modern technology in generating financial reports and analysis which are used for property management milestones.

Lastly view the contract you enter into and request to have the proposal appended to it.

We picked Ascent Real Estate to manage our building. I can recommend them but it’s always best to check other companies whenever selecting one to manage your building.

(source: ww1.ascentpm.com/)


Vancouver's Trails

About the City of Vancouver

Awesome mountains surrounded by various beaches make Vancouver, British Columbia among the most stunning cities on the planet. Many dining establishments and cafe line the fashionable and popular areas of the downtown core. There are roughly 2.5 million individuals staying in the lower mainland of Vancouver of all ethnic background’s, which contributes to the variations of outstanding food and culture!

Vancouver is close to both the mountain and the ocean variety so lots of rain is anticipated. The rain right here can in fact be an issue as grey skies, particularly throughout the winter season months, are one of the couple of negatives of living in Vancouver. As for travellers, the finest time to check out Vancouver is the least wet period which is throughout the summer season months.

Real Estate Situation

Homes have actually always been rather costly in Vancouver. The way of life and the landscape have actually developed a high need for houses in this city. A little house on the west side of Vancouver will certainly cost you upwards of 1 million dollars.

The property market has actually been remarkably resistant in Vancouver. Even through the economic downturn, Vancouver property rates rapidly rebounded and surpass peak levels. Real estate costs are skyrocketing and there is little sign that this trend will stop due to the interest of foreign purchasers and the appeal of Vancouver even for Canadians.

Fun Destinations

Fancy discovering a couple of more things to do in Vancouver on a rainy day? New visitors to the city should take the time to check them out but if you are familiar with the city these may not be brand new to you.

The Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium ought to certainly be on the list of things to do in Vancouver on a rainy day since it is an indoor center! The home of over 50,000 animals from all over the world, there is constantly something amazing and brand-new to see there. And there’s more to the center than satisfies the eye initially glimpse; not just exist reveals readily available to assist you find out more about aquatic life, however the Vancouver Fish tank likewise takes part in and sponsors aquatic study and researches to assist secure and protect all sort of aquatic life.

Telus World of Science
Telus World of Science

Telus World of Science

Open to families and individuals there is something for everyone to take pleasure in at the incredible facility located within 5 minutes of downtown Vancouver. Home to an IMAX theatre, The Telus World of Science offers several different shows of science and nature films daily.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is an interesting location, garnished with cedar trees, beaches, gardens, and lagoons. Wild life exists is this location, types such as such as coyotes, trumpeter swans and beavers are seen. Found near the downtown, Stanley Park is a perfect example of what Vancouver offers with pride!

That’s all for today folks! make sure you stop by again soon for more updates!

This article was written by:

        Ann Martin