The happiest people don't have the best of everything,

they just make the best of everything.

You only live once,

but if you do it right,

once is enough,

Life is what happens

when you are busy making other plans

In the end,

we only regret,

the chances we didn't take.

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What To Do When A Tree Has Overgrown Your Fence in Vancouver

Trees Growing Onto the Property of Othersovergrowntree

Property rights issues can become interesting when a tree starts to grow into a neighbour’s yard. Some people will just find this intrusion irritating, depending on the nature of it. However, this is still a neighbour’s tree, and neighbours cannot necessarily just alter the tree as they see fit even if it is on their property at present.

Determination of Ownership

The question of property and ownership with regards to the tree can start to become complicated. The actual location of the tree on the public or private piece of land can become the deciding factor.

The tree might be on public property. If this is the case, people will find that their hands are tied. In the City of Vancouver, interfering with anything that belongs to the city requires special permission from the city. People cannot even breach the bark or put signs or other items on the tree. Usually, to get authorization to alter the tree, people will need to provide some sort of a reason for why the tree needs to be altered in the first place.

Trees that originate from private property will be easier to deal with in most cases. Some areas might not have any actual laws concerning these trees, which will make things a lot easier for everyone involved. There are actually no private property tree laws in Vancouver. A given property cannot have growth that will interfere with the alleys, the roadways, or the sidewalks. However, other than that, it’s all about the property that is actually supporting the tree.

People cannot make changes to the property of another. Cutting off the branches of a tree that have grown into the yard could lead to a lawsuit from the legal owner of the tree. This is a civil case and not a legal one, but it can still be complicated.

Like a lot of civil matters, the best response typically involves personal negotiation. A lot of neighbours are going to have to learn to live together in some way even in the case of interpersonal conflicts like these. People can talk about trees that are potentially annoying them, and they can try to make sure that their trees are not growing into anyone else’s lawn. Tree services can help.

Trees on Private Property

Some private property trees might have laws attached. Some of them may not. There are not any private property tree laws in Vancouver. However, people might still have to make sure that their trees are not spilling over into the sidewalks, roadways, or alleys. The private ownership of trees is usually ultimately a function of the original property.

Arborists and Tree Problems

People won’t always know what to do when it comes to overgrown branches. They might be better off with consulting with an arborist if they have overgrown branches. Arborists can take care of these branches efficiently and safely. People won’t have to worry about property damage or related tree problems.

GJ’s Tree Service’s understands Vancouver tree removal laws, Click Here and ask them a question about how legal it is to remove or replace a tree in Vancouver.

How Much Does A Vancouver Renovation Cost? How Long Does It Take?

When most homeowners consider a renovation, their minds are usually awash with questions, first among them being how much it will cost them, the duration of the project, and finally, problematic areas they should watch out for. According to a recent survey conducted by, however, a renovation project will not only increase the comfort of your home but will also increase its value. The duration of a home remodeling project can range from a few days if you are planning something simple such as a repainting to several months for a major home remodeling project.

When it comes to any home remodeling effort, the first and simplest part is to determine what you want to be changed. The other, more difficult part is estimating the cost and determining how much you can afford to invest in your renovation project.


Steps to Decide How Much to Invest in Your Home Remodeling Project

When it comes to approximating the cost of a renovation project, most contractors estimate that a major upgrade will run from $100 to $200 or more per square foot. As a result, it is important to have your remodeling contractor or other home design professional in your corner to help you determine how much you will need to complete the project.

The next issue you should zero in on for your home remodeling project is to calculate how much money you will spend. If you plan to pay cash, then that answer is easy. If you are planning to borrow the money from your bank or other financial institution, your need to contact them and inquire as to how much they would be willing to loan and how much the bank loan will add to your monthly expenses.

There are three basic types of loan options available:

* Home equity loan
* Cash-out refinance
* Home equity line of credit (HELOC)

Most homeowners who plan a remodel project for their homes often choose the HELOC option to finance it. A HELOC uses the equity you have built up in your home to secure the loan, which means that you can get a lower interest rate than with other financing options. This method also allows you to deduct the interest from your taxes.

Get estimates from contractors. Before you start getting bids begin by determining what type of renovation you want to be done. You can be sure that all contractors will be quoting prices for the same items if you specify this information up front. To locate the right contractor, check online sites that have peer reviews of potential contractors such as – CLICK HERE for reviews of contractors. Ask about recent renovation projects, and get recommendations from friends.

How Long Does a Remodeling Take to Complete?

A home renovation involves tolerating a lot: workers walking through your home, dust and noisy tools. As a result, it is important to know how long all of this will take.

Bathroom remodeling.

The estimated time for a bathroom remodel is two to three weeks, and the cost is approximate $25,000. This project involves converting your bathroom into a spa.

Kitchen remodeling. A complete kitchen remodeling will take from eight to twelve weeks to complete and cost approximately $58,000. A complete kitchen remodels usually involves installing a kitchen island, replacing your old appliances with new ones, changing the floor, changing the lighting, and replacing the old kitchen cabinets. By contrast, a kitchen upgrade can cost much less. The national median of this type of project is $26,000, and it will take one to two weeks.

Replacing your roof with asphalt shingles. A project of this sort will usually take no more than one week and will cost a maximum of $7,500. Your contractor will remove and replace the shingles and moisture barriers.

In a survey conducted in 2015, it was discovered that remodeling a home is more affordable than selling and buying another. As a result, deciding to renovate your home is most often the best property investment decision you will ever make. The truth is that among the many choices you can make for investing in the long term good of your home, remodeling can be the wisest choice by far. Not only is it most often the least expensive option, but it is a choice that pays the greatest dividends.

The Top Ten Coolest Playgrounds in the World And What Vancouverites Can Learn From Them

As the importance of health and safety has increased in our communities, we’ve seen playgrounds become less thrilling. While the desire to keep our children safe is natural and perfectly understandable, the question of whether or not you can be overprotective looms large. If one thing is clear anyway, it’s that an emphasis on ‘safe fun’ rarely translates to creativity or imagination.
It is one of the reasons why playground equipment has become so predictable and uninteresting, particularly to older children. Thirty years ago, playgrounds might not have looked as bright or colorful, but they were wonderlands of adventure.

The long metal slides glittered in the sun and burned your bottom on hot days. The rickety seesaw felt like it might collapse when you piled on with all your friends, but it always offered an exhilarating ride. The merry go round was surely the king of the park. Fraught with danger but kids were always coming up with new and ever riskier ways to ride it.

Making sure that modern playgrounds are safe isn’t a bad thing. Of course not. However, there is a lot to be said for letting children identify and respond to risk in their way. According to researchers in Norway, encountering dangers during play is an integral part of early development. Climbing high, spinning fast, and swinging from monkey bars arms free is a healthy way to learn about the world and the limits of the body.

Playing, particularly with playground equipment, is also a great way for children to stay active. So, where have all the wacky, zany, incredibly playgrounds gone? Is the spirit of adventure still out there just waiting to be discovered? Well, if you look in the right places, you might get a pleasant surprise.

This guide to the coolest playgrounds on the planet is going to introduce some crazy spots where unbridled adventure still lives. Some of the boring BC Playgrounds can learn from these great playgrounds around the world.

1: Neptune Park

Neptune Park, in Saratoga Springs, is a relatively recent invention. It only opened in 2012, but it has captured imaginations ever since. This is primarily because of its thirty-foot tall climbing pyramid. It is the largest climbing frame of its type anywhere in the western world because it reaches past most two story buildings. The great thing about it is that kids can climb without fear. There are safety nets all around which prevent anybody from falling further than six feet.

2: Swarovski Crystal World

While Crystal World entrances the grownups, because it provides a detailed history of Swarovski jewels, kids can head straight for the huge trampoline. Like Neptune Park, it also has a super cool climbing tower. It is kitted out with rope swings, slides, and all manner of thrilling hideaways and climbing obstacles.


3: Lake Macquarie Variety Playground

The playground equipment at Lake Macquarie is a versatile arrangement, and it is designed to suit kids of all ages. In fact, many of the features are completely safe for disabled and visually impaired children too. The huge climbing tower, sprawling zip line, and incredible curly slide is enough to enchant any visitor. Those with mobility problems can join in with almost all of the activities. Even the swings are wheelchair friendly.

4: Imagination Playground

The Imagination Playground was designed by a top architect. It is a little different to most playgrounds because it doesn’t contain much. There are no towering climbing frames or rope swings. Instead, kids are encouraged to use construction blocks, sand, and water to create entirely new toys and equipment.

5: Nagasaki School

This amazing playground is located on the roof of a school in Nagasaki, Japan. The main features are a fire engine pole and a climbing net which allow children to travel between the classroom and playground in style. The playground received a lot of critical acclaims when it was finally unveiled because it connects indoor and outdoor spaces in such a beautiful way.

6: Harry Thomas Sr. Playground

Now, for a very unusual playground indeed. The Harry Thomas Sr. Playground is entirely themed around mathematics. To be specific, its design is based on the famous Fibonacci numbers. The shape and arrangement of the playground equipment correspond to the numerical sequence. It is an ambitious idea, but we do wonder if the mathematical theme isn’t a little too advanced for most visitors.

The NY House of Science

The NY House of Science

7: Woodland Discovery

In Memphis, you’ll find the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy. What you might not find (at least not so easily) is the playground that it built. The aim for Woodland Discovery was to create an almost ‘hidden’ landscape which blends seamlessly with the trees. Look carefully on your walk through the woods, and you’ll find secret treehouses, concealed sand pits, winding walkways, and invisible slides. Playground Equipment Vancouver BC loves Woodland Discovery because it blends nature and a natural play environment into a safe playground.

8: The Land

While the name might be a little uninspiring, this playground is anything but. It was inspired by a series of ‘junk adventures’ which were developed by a Danish architect in the thirties. The Land is an adventure park in the purest sense. Kids are encouraged to climb trees, swing from ropes, build dens, and learn how to light fires. The important thing is that parents do not supervise. Children are left alone for the most part, and the hope is that they’ll learn something new about themselves and the world.

9: New York Hall of Science

Corona, just outside central New York, is home to the Hall of Science and its sprawling Science Playground. It spans a remarkable 60,000 square feet, and there are opportunities to climb, spin, jump, balance, ride, and learn all about the science of movement. One of the most popular features is a huge spider web which is great for clambering around in.

10: Wallholla

Wallholla is an interesting playground because it is only a few feet wide. It reaches up to the sky though so that many children can share it at one time. The center of the structure holds a sturdy climbing net, and kids use this to scale the mini-skyscraper. On all the levels, there are little openings so that you can get outside and walk around the structure. It is very new and different perspective on the play, but it is proving to be a big hit. The Danish design is currently being copied in the States.

So, there you go. It is possible to create glorious, adventurous playgrounds which inflame young imaginations and get brains thinking. We believe that the best forms of play are those that teach you something. It’s even more special when kids don’t realize that they’re learning while they’re having fun.

The important thing is that none of the playgrounds listed are particularly dangerous or risky either. Some place emphasis on freedom and lack of supervision but even these environments encourage children to learn safe behaviors. Perhaps the point is that we should trust our children more and expect them to make the right decisions for themselves.

Public Reputation Tips For Startups

PR is a type of marketing accessible for start-ups. PR tactics require a company to hire a PR agency so as to help them in managing particular expertise. According to American Marketing Association, public relations refers to the method of controlling communication so as to acquire publicity for an individual brand and by using other promotional information so as to influence the public’s opinions, beliefs and feelings towards a particular company, the products they offer and services. PR can also be defined a way of showing and communicating the value of the company or their products so as to attract potential customers, stakeholders, and also prospects.startups

The difference between public relations and other forms of marketing.

Unlike other methods of marketing such as advertising, PR is earned and not paid regarding promotions and coverage. Therefore PR focuses on getting the startups or established companies’ brands accepted by the public by promoting the newsworthy editorial or even social content. These tactics are carried out by the PR agency so as to ensure that the public gets good and positive information about the company’s brands.

When does a startup company require PR services?

According to one of the more popular PR Firms customer development module, he stated that there is no particular stage that a company may need public relations as their activities can be required anytime. He emphasized that the companies must begin to increase more customers, especially at the creation stage. This is particularly at the period whereby you wish to bring your products or services to the public with the aim of acquiring customers, and therefore you will need the PR services to be able to maneuver and be able to connect with the particular group of people you are targeting.


Benefits of hiring public relations services for a startup.

The aim of startups hiring for PR services is to attract the most talented and influential people in the society. Such groups of individuals include the members of the press stakeholders and other influencers. The job of the PR agency will be to “give positive information about the company and the products they offer. The benefit of having a PR agency is that they rely on the information on word of mouth via marketing and hence have the information spread to reach even more people.” as said by Phoebe Yong of Magnolia Marketing Communications – Public Relations Agency. The public relation team can use other influencers so as to have the information reach more customers.With excellent skills and strategies, PR can communicate and market your products and services to the right medias and other public bodies such as the government.

How can startups choose a PR agency?

When it comes to selecting a PR agency, startups must consider the qualifications that the PR possess and measure them with their goals so as to make sure that the PR will be able to promote your brand. Select a PR agency that can understand your message and develop the right strategies to rely on the information. A good PR must be able to do market research so as to determine the target audience that your brand requires. Also, they should provide you with the strategies that they will use so as to attain your goals and the people responsible.

Some of the functions and tactics to expect from your PR team are;

• Preparing the press release and articles for journalists.
• Preparing for the interviews and meetings with the executives.
• Providing advice regarding marketing.
• Preparing the companies events and representing the company in events as well.

What Is A Personal Trainer And Should You Hire One?

personal trainer working with a client

A personal trainer is a professional who works in the fitness industry. This person helps clients by providing fitness instruction and exercise prescription. They help to provide motivation to their clients by helping them create goals, accountability, and feedback.

These trainers periodically assess the strengths and weaknesses of their clients during assessments. These types of assessments can be conducted before an exercise program or after the program. This assessment will help the trainer to gauge the client’s improvements.

Personal trainers in Coquitlam may also educate their clients in other areas of health and wellness. It is not uncommon for trainers to provide clients with nutritional information as well as general exercise guidelines. A qualified and reputable personal trainer understands their limits, and if the trainer suspects that a client has an underlying medical condition, it is their responsibility to refer the client to the appropriate medical professional.

Why Do People Hire A Personal Trainer?

“A personal trainer’s scope of practice is to enhance fitness components for the general population that is reasonably good health. When a client is prescribed the proper exercise instruction, he or she may result in an improvement in overall health and wellness, reduced body composition, improved cardiovascular system and improved physical performance.” says Richard Bradley, a fitness instructor in Coquitlam BC on his website at .

A person will hire a trainer when they believe that the trainer will help them meet these goals through instruction, motivation, and adherence.

During each workout session, the trainer pays very close attention to their client’s workout routine, nutrition and exercise form.
Although few studies have been conducted on this type of training for men, studies in women have shown that they benefit from personal training by executing more confidence to continue exercising on their own long term.

Women have also discovered the benefits of the benefit to concern ratio of exercise. Personal training also helps women achieve higher exertion and intensity during exercise.

Where Do Personal Trainers Work?

Personal trainers can work in a variety of settings including residential properties, fitness facilities, online or outdoors. They can also work in health clubs located in recreational buildings or in civic organizations. There is no regulation in this field within the United States except for in The District of Columbia. In Washington, D.C., personal trainers must fulfill registration requirements. These requirements were adopted by the jurisdiction in 2014.

There are personal trainers who may specialize in a specific type of training, client population, performance type or exercise modality. However, most trainers will develop an exercise plan that is based on flexibility training, strength training, and aerobic exercise.

With a flexibility training program, trainers may prescribe several stretching routines and during strength training program and trainer may prescribe a type of exercise, intensity and duration. Although there are some trainers who discuss nutrition, spiritual practices and ergogenic supplementation with their clients, there have been some who have questioned whether or not this fits into a trainer’s scope of practice.


In Coquitlam, those who want to become personal trainers can choose to have a number of certifications. However, there are some certifications that are not accredited. Many programs require that potential trainers have a high school diploma or equivalent, CPR certification and AED certification.

Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

There are several reasons why someone may want to hire a personal trainer. Everyone is at a different stage in their health and fitness journey, and a trainer may be the missing piece of the puzzle that is needed to get into the best shape of their lives. These reasons can include:

  • Motivation
  • Personalized workout routine
  • Progress monitoring

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your fitness lifestyle, or you are just trying to lose a few pounds, you could benefit from the services of a personal trainer. Find a certified and reputable trainer in your area so you can start achieving your goals.

rat control

Rats! Gross!

With the recent law changes in regards to food scrap waste here in Vancouver, we’ve seen a massive increase in rats on the streets and especially around my building. I hate rats (and spiders, but that’s a different story). In order to keep our property value we’ve hired a pest control company on a monthly maintenance contract to keep them out of our parking garage and away from our garbage bin.

Having rats in and around your home can be one of the most annoying and disgusting things you have ever dealt with. They will often spoil things like furniture and clothes not to mention damaging food and generally being a menace. Although there are ways to get rid of rats in your home by yourself, it is always advisable to get certified Pest Control Company to do it for you. There are several advantages to this option compared to doing it yourself.

Eliminate All Rats Now

The first reason you should consider hiring a pest control company to get rid of your rats is because with them you will be sure that they will eliminate all the rats you want to get rid of. The company will have the right kind of chemicals and equipment needed to get rid of your pests effectively. Doing it yourself may not be as effective as the pest control company. This is risky as rats breed really fast and if the job is not done effectively, you will find yourself dealing with the same problem a few weeks later.

Hiring a company to aid in rat control is also a good option as it prevents you from getting diseases. The company we hired does green pest control – Rat droppings and rat bites cause several harmful diseases, among them rat bite fever. If you try to get rid of the rats yourself, you are at risk of getting bit so it is preferable to hire pest control to do it since they have protective gear and are aware of any diseases and how to avoid getting sick.

Video above is courtesy of the company we hired – Westside Pest.

Rat Control Is Time Consuming

Getting rid of rats can often be time consuming as you will have to set traps or use different kinds of chemicals. If you donít get it right then you will have to do it all over again. Hiring a rat control company will be more effective because they are professionals who will do it quickly and effectively saving more time for you.

In addition to getting of your rats, the company will give you all the information you will need to prevent future pest problems. They will ensure that you are aware of what kind of conditions cause rat infestations and how to avoid them as much as possible.

Apart from all these, there is also the fact that some of the methods you will apply to remove the rats may cause harm, like using rat poison. A pet or a child could ingest it and get sick or die.

There are many websites for pest control companies in Vancouver where one can access detail on what companies to call for rat control, so finding a company you are comfortable with shouldn’t be too hard.

eagle island resort campground bc

A Beginner’s Guide to Camping – or a Guide for Me in Reality

Camping is the best, fun and relatively low cost way of experiencing British Columbia – or so they tell me. Camping is one of the best ways for families, friends, and even relatives to spend great moment together – they try to tell this city girl who would rather be drinking a cup of tea on her deck. However, there are some things that you must plan prior to camping day. As a beginner like me, you should take the following into proper consideration before embarking on a journey to your camping site.

A Tent? I’d Rather Have an RV!

A camping tent is the first thing you should have before anything if you are going to “rough-it”. They are available in different sizes and shapes to cater for everyone’s needs. The most common types of tents you can find out there are domes and canvas. Before leaving, make sure that your tent has all vital parts by simply setting it up. It is also recommended to make sure the tent is completely dry before packing it and keep it in a dry area to avoid possible mildew odor and damage. You don’t want to sleep in a stinky tent.

At the camp site, do not set up your tents close to a campfire place. Tents should set up relatively far from where even the sparks from the campfire would not reach them. Also, consider the weather and if possible, set your tents under trees, especially in windy conditions to prevent them from being blown away.

Of Sleeping Bags and Flash Lights

In addition to your tent, you would need something to sleep in and on like a mat and a sleeping bag. When looking for the right sleeping bag or mat, always make sure look for one that is rated for the current temperature and weather conditions of the area you will set up your camping site. You will also need a flash light, especially at night. It will help you move around and also do other things while in the camp (like going to the bathroom in the middle of the night).

First Aid Kit? I Thought This Was Safe

Another most important item you should never forget to carry is a first aid kit. There are a lot of activities you can be involved in while camping that may result in injuries. Additionally, most BC camping sites are set up in a forest or mountains; in these areas, it is possible to get injured by just about anything (does not sound like fun, but whatever). So it is important to come with a first aid kit. You also pack other safety items such as poncho for the inevitable BC rain, rope, flares if you get lost, and even life jackets that you will need to use in various camping activities.

Chairs and Tables Are Better Than Dirt

You might also carry some folding chairs and a table to use around the camping site. They will be much more comfortable to sit on a chair than just to sit on the ground. As a family or friends, eating together around the table in a campsite is really fun and exciting.

Different climates need different clothing as well. In that regard, there are a variety of clothing designed for different camping adventures and climates. For example, there are ski jackets and long underwear for camping.

In a nutshell, since you are a novice to camping like me, it is important to have someone who has already done it before to help you plan and pack for your trip. It can be a real disappointment to find out that you forgot to carry one of the most important and necessary items for your camping experience.

I’m being dragged to and still hoping I can convince them to rent an RV or a cabin. I’m really not the type of girl who wants to be sleeping in a sleeping bag and tent in the middle of nowhere.

Braces For Adults Is More and More Common Nowadays

The Benefits of Wearing Adult Braces

Times are changing and with the many treatments available in the market, there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t be happy with their smiles. This is because orthodontists have been bending over backwards to go to the orthodontist Bible to come up with better ways to make this happen. For instance, braces were, until a while ago considered a reserve for kids but nowadays, adults can wear them too. This is in the hopes to have their teeth straightened to boost their smile and by extension, their confidence and their life. Getting the right dental treatment is requisite, therefore, do a quick research to find out there as teeth are a vital part of your overall well-being.

Why you need Adult braces

If you are one of those people who don’t like the position of their teeth and for one reason or another you couldn’t get braces as a kid, then you have a reason to hope again. With the many teeth corrective procedures available today, including metal braces, invisalign and ceramic braces which are clear, straight teeth are within reach. Clear braces work well for people who feel self-conscious about wearing them in their adulthood.

Most people have a misconception of metal braces as they have a bad image in their mind of gruesome looking metal crisscrossing teeth. However, new age ones are smaller, more comfortable and attractive, a far cry from their older version. They are also affordable as opposed to their counterparts making for a good option for many people thus; don’t shy away from them without checking them out first.

orthodontist gear

Clear braces such as Invisalign allow adults to obtain a great smile without the stigma of metal braces.

Correcting a pronounced overbite

People only think of braces in terms of the aesthetic value they can bring their teeth in terms of alignment. However, there are other health benefits of having straighter teeth which include the correction of a pronounced overbite. This is a serious dental issue that requires the immediate attention of an orthodontist. Such pronounced upper teeth are caused by thumb sucking from a tender age, bottle feeding for a long time, chewing on hard objects like pencils or chewing nails. Genetics also play a large part in many people having a pronounced overbite.

These teeth can cause health problems like pain while chewing some foods, teeth grinding, impeding on speech and so many others. Treating it at a tender age is encouraged as it might become more pronounced in adults. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t treatable for adults as orthodontist use braces on the front upper teeth to make them align as required for a stronger united bite. Depending on how pronounced the overbite is a sleeping headgear or dental surgery might be required to level the problematic teeth.


Maybe your parents couldn’t afford to get you braces as a kid or they never cared for them much, the reasons are irrelevant. Now that it is possible for adults to get braces, you have the opportunity to correct your parent’s mistakes. The braces will do wonders as they work to push the teeth back. A quick consultation with your orthodontist should give you the options available thus; seize this opportunity to get better, healthier and straighter teeth.

hiring a house cleaning company

I Hate House Cleaning! Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Cleaning Company

Ensuring that you hire a house cleaning company that is reliable and efficient can be a formidable task. Especially considering how fussy I am when it comes to having my condo cleaned. I struggled to find a company to clean my place as it was becoming increasingly more difficult to keep it clean with my busy schedule. I could have tried cleaning myself, but the benefits of it being done by a company outweigh the services of an individual – me. Here are five questions that will facilitate hiring of a competent company if you are in the market to find a house cleaning company.

How long have you been doing house cleaning?

This question simply asks for the experience of the company. It takes time and well-informed intentions for one to start a cleaning business and sustain for years. More than 50% of starters fail within the first year due to poor management and poor services. This implies that you should not hire a new company because its services may not live to your expectations. Go for a company that has been in the business for years and you will be assured of excellent services.

Sub points on this are the jobs that they do.  Do they do mirrors?  Clean carpets?  Vacuum basement floors?  Etc.

Are You Insured?

It is imperative to hire a company that has invested about two million dollars in its insurance coverage. Such a company can compensate for items damaged by its employees or damage caused by their cleaning materials. In addition, the insurance can cater for its workers when they get injured while working in your house. An uninsured company can offer cheap services, but what will you do when damages occur?

What are your charges?

Usually this is the first question, isn’t it? Most house cleaning companies charge for the services they offer on an hourly rate during the first service. The companies estimate the number of hours they will take to complete the cleaning. To avoid being overcharged, you can put a limit on the estimated time. For subsequent cleanings, they usually give a flat rates based on the conditions of your house. It is important to always request for a written quote to prevent them from altering the price after delivering their services.

What happens if I am unsatisfied with the cleaning?

A reputable house cleaning company should offer to come back immediately and fix the areas you feel are wanting. If not so, it should be willing to give you back a good proportion of your money. Some companies outline the proportion of money you should expect back if you are unsatisfied with their services.

How many people will gain access to my house, and will you screen them?

Different companies have varying number of employees and it is up to them to determine the number or workers they will send to your house. It is, however, advisable to have the least number of people enter your house for trust issues and to avoid creating chaotic scenarios in your home. The company should also ensure their employees behave well and will not take anything away from your house.

After trying a number of companies that I wasn’t satisfied with, I chose this company and they have been back many times – even after our rowdy tea parties.

what is seo?

SEO? What is Search Engine Optimization and Why Do I Need It?

what is seo?

Every time you are surfing the internet, you make use of a search engine in one way or the other even if you are just searching for the latest and greatest tea on the market. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are a convenient way to look for something on the internet. Although some would say that searching in Bing and Yahoo are a waste of time, but I digress. Apart from looking, the same search engines are a great avenue to be found via the internet. For businesses, individuals, organizations and bloggers like me that have an online presence and would like to increase their discoverability, search engine optimization is a crucial part of the equation. You see, getting discovered through search engines requires your site, blog or any other web content to be optimized for search engines (apparently this blog isn’t optimized enough). As information on the internet keeps on surging, having SEO as part of your customer acquisition process becomes more of a necessity.

Continue reading: SEO? What is Search Engine Optimization and Why Do I Need It?

vancouver skyline

The joys (or sorrow) of choosing a property management company in Vancouver

Property management is defined as an activity that is aimed at maximizing revenue from a specific property over its whole economic lifespan. This role is carried out by a property manager that is assigned to a property management company. This implies that the major aim of the property manager should be the achievement of an increase in revenue. Additionally, such an increase in revenue is dependent upon maintaining the property’s physical integrity. Therefore, the property management company will strive to meet the requirements of the client while at the same time ensuring that the property’s economic life is maximized.

Strata management, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of property management; its chief aim is to maintain low maintenance charges but also ensure that they do not compromise the property’s integrity.

Choosing a property management company to manage your rental building or strata can be a daunting task (tell me about it) especially due to the influx of property management agents from less than reputable companies. However, after finding a strata property management company for our building while being on the strata committee I have a few tips for choosing the ultimate company that will manage your property in the most economical way. They include:

Preparation of tender procedures

The procedures include a list of questions, items or requirements that aid in arriving at the specific management needs of the property owner. These guidelines will compel the strata or property managers to come up with their financial and operational requirements that help both parties reach a compromise on the proposals submitted.

The nature of the property

Rental and strata management requirements are similar on many fronts. However, the major focus of the property owner should be on management companies that have a good reputation, have professional property managers with a wealth of experience in managing strata or rentals. Additionally you should make sure that you understand the requisite legislation that governs the management of properties.

Ask for Referrals

This is how I found our new company. People who have experienced the services you seek are better placed to point you to the best service providers. They will provide you with a list of the reputable management firms that you should consider working with.

Ensure you have access to the company you choose to work with

Some strata management firms in Vancouver are nationwide and therefore getting access to them in case of any dissatisfaction can prove a daunting task. Therefore, you need a localized property manager so that you can have your issues addressed much faster. In addition, you should choose a property manager who understands the local real estate dynamics and hence can address your issues better.

Have Personal contact with your property manager

Hire a property manager that you have personally interviewed and gauged their experience. This way, you can personally determine their suitability ahead of the job you will employ them to perform.

You should also have prior knowledge about the manager’s compensation package before hiring them.

Other important criteria to consider a firm that utilizes modern technology in generating financial reports and analysis which are used for property management milestones.

Lastly view the contract you enter into and request to have the proposal appended to it.

We picked Ascent Real Estate to manage our building. I can recommend them but it’s always best to check other companies whenever selecting one to manage your building.


adult acne laser treatment

Yes, I still have acne in my 40s. Laser treatment you say?

Eamon Acne is the most well-known skin disease in the world that affects most teenagers. But 5 percent of women (me) and 15 percent of men still suffer from it in their 40s. Many people still assume that acne is caused by lifestyle factors and by using antibacterial washes or eating less fatty foods can help get rid of it. I do all of that and it still doesn’t work! Everyone I have tea with has these suggestions but they have no idea that it won’t necessarily work.

Acne is the bacterial infection resulting from the action of hormones and some other substances in the skin’s oil glands, hair follicles and sebaceous glands. And because there is no actual cure for acne, some new treatments such as the laser acne treatment has been shown to be highly effective in treating acne.

Laser Treatment Proven Effective for Acne Treatment

The latest technology in the fight of acne involves the use of laser acne treatment. Since 2002, different lasers have received the FDA clearance for treatment of acne. The combination laser treatments, such as Accutane can help reduce the size of the hyperactive sebaceous glands. Laser acne treatment has a major benefit of not being drugged, therefore it is essentially side effect free. While the earliest group of acne treatment targets the sebaceous gland. The newer laser acne treatment targets the P. Acnes bacterium which often in the skin and causes inflamed acne breakout.

Laser acne treatment works well for people with mild to moderate acne and is suitable for people who have tried the usual treatments with antibiotics and creams with little or no success at all. The laser acne treatment is not suitable for scarring, cystic and severe acne. If you suffer from severe acne you should see your dermatologist so as to discuss your medication. The laser acne treatment can be used to reduce the acne spots and fade the red mark left behind by acne spots, but will not completely remove craters or pits on the skin surface.

Prevents Zits

The laser acne treatment aims to prevent zits (papules and pustules). It appears to be less effective when it comes to non-inflammatory acne and severe lesions. Lasers, like at home light device, work on the premise of existing compounds known as the porphyrins, which are inside the acne bacteria. When laser excites porphyrins, porphyrins damages the bacteria walls effectively killing all the bacteria. The less bacteria should aid in reducing the symptoms of acne. The kind of laser treatments used by doctors includes pulsed dye, diode, fractional, infrared, pulse light and KTP as well as the new lasers known as Isolaz.

During the treatment most patients report mild with little more than stinging or snapping sensation. The topical anesthetics are provided when you find the procedure uncomfortable.

I went to Pure Light Laser – – to get acne laser treatment and we’ll see how it goes. You can see more about what their laser treatment offers by viewing their video on YouTube

emergency plumbing

Tips for Finding an Emergency Plumber in Vancouver

No property owner has the heart or desire to deal with emergency related plumbing because there is never good news there (believe me on this!). This is because such emergencies tend to get messy, what with clogged drains that reek of decaying matter or an overflowing toilet that needs no further explanation? Having a plumber on speed dial is essential for such instances (which I have), more so since you never know the day or the hour that your plumbing system might give up on you (like 2:00am for me).

In such scenarios, it is ill advised to try and sort out the issue yourself unless you are handy with tools or have some plumbing experience (which I don’t so I called these guys If not, calling for help is your best bet, meanwhile, be sure to turn off the water in the case of a broken drain or avoid flashing a backed up toilet. It is always a good idea for a home owner to have an emergency plumber at hand. However, if you do not have one, don’t panic, it shouldn’t take you too long to find one. But, finding a good one is another mater.

Finding an emergency plumber

The fastest and safest route to take is asking your friends, family and neighbours for recommendations before you have an emergency. If that fails, it is time to scour the internet for help. Start by localizing your search to your area to simplify the search criteria whether it’s Vancouver, North Van, Burnaby, etc. Focus on directories like yellow pages or any plumbing network in your area e.g. a licensing body which will have plenty of certified plumbers to call.

Pick at least three or four plumbers to engage and start making the calls. It is wise to have all the information about the emergency at your fingertips. This helps you get a close estimate after the plumber takes in the relevant details of the pressing issue. If they aren’t forthcoming with this information, ask them for their quote on a general plumbing issue that’s closely related to your problem. For instance, if you have a clogged drain, ask how much they charge to fix that.

This should give you an idea of what to expect because you will be charged if they come out to access the damage. Repeat the process for all the numbers you pick until you find a satisfactory emergency plumbing company. However, since it’s an emergency, dalliance might make the situation worse so hurry! Plus, emergency plumbers charge more because it is an emergency. Make sure to save the number if you like their services for next time.


Emergency plumbing might be costlier than calling a regular plumber due to the high responsiveness of the situation. This is because their operation costs might be higher as they have emergency vehicles that are equipped for plumbing and standby tools or it might be at an awful hour of the night which means you will pay an extra bit of money for it.

To avoid this, you can try to troubleshoot small plumbing issues before they escalate. But, if you are like me, you are a complete idiot when it comes to plumbing. An even better idea is to have regular repair and maintenance done which should save you such hassle and keep your plumbing system up and running.

downtown vancouver condos

Getting a Mortgage for My New Vancouver Condo over Tea

Vancouver is a wonderful place to live. It’s no wonder that our city entraps the hearts of tourists and travelers, many of which never bother to return home. Our ocean beaches and forests provide us with an absolutely glorious landscape, tall trees exude clean air and mountains provide us with nature’s most incredible jungle gym. I couldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world… and so this is what I thought to my self, until I looked into purchasing a home here. Apparently many others agree with my sentiments adoring Vancouver; and have also decided they want a home here. The problem here is this; there is not enough land between ocean and mountain. Also, both the local and foreign investors have driven housing prices up, up, up!

Saved money without spending any

So here I am in a dilemma, how do I purchase a home in one of the most expensive cities in North America with out losing my shirt! Fortunately there are some very effective mortgage professionals that work their magic in this city. Enter Rebecca Awram, a professional in the Mortgage Brokering business with whom one of my good friends referred to me. Rebecca is a Vancouver mortgage broker with Origin Mortgage DLC. I would think it is fair to say that everyone here uses mortgage brokers; the simple reason is that they can deal with several (I mean sometimes 10-12) different lenders. These lenders all have different criteria when if comes to borrowing money to purchase a home. It would be a HUGE undertaking to try and negotiate with them all on my own. So I put my faith in Rebecca and let her do her thing. I must say she was AMAZING. Easy to talk to; we chatted over a cup of my favorite botanical blend and she went to work right away. Once I found the home I wanted she was able to get me a rate far better then any of my banks. This saved me many THOUSANDS of dollars over the time I own my home. I couldn’t be happier; I now have a beautiful home that I love in a city that I love, and all thanks to my mortgage broker who made the purchase of my Vancouver area home much more affordable.

You can find more about having Rebecca find you the best mortgage in Greater Vancouver by visiting her website at or her Facebook page

The Importance of Hiring Car Accident Lawyer When Involved in a Car Accident

Having last year been involved in an accident in Gastown last year, I have since been through a variety of legal battles with the individual that injured me.  Having been aided by a lawyer to recover much of my medical bills, I’ve since learned more than I wanted to about personal injury law.  Therefore, today I’m sharing with you a bit of what I learned.

Crushed Saturn.jpg
Crushed Saturn” by MrFish – friend’s work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Getting involved in a car accident can be a tragic event that can have far reaching consequences on your life. Life injury can completely change your life, for example, if you are permanently injured, you are likely to lose your income, while if your loved ones was the breadwinner, the accident will compromise the life of your family. If you have incurred injuries that are directly associated to the car accident, you are eligible to file a lawsuit with car injury attorney.

Who should file injury lawsuit with car accident attorney

  • If you are involved in a car accident in which the driver at fault was not insured
  • You have lost your loved one to a car accident
  • The insurance provider is pressuring you to take inadequate and unfair compensation
  • If you were not fully compensated for the lost wages, present and future medical expenses and pain and suffering you have undergone, you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

How car accident attorney can help

First, the attorney will access your claim to determine if you are entitled to file a lawsuit.

Having handled many car accidents compensation claims, the attorney will move swiftly to secure evidences and witnesses. As stated earlier, personal injury attorney have the right personnel and materials to secure evidences and witnesses to see your case succeed. They have helped many car accidents victims secure compensation they are entitled.

The attorney will also protect your rights and interests. Car compensation claims can be intimidating and also settlement can take longer than usual. The personal lawyer will ensure your case is settled on time.

Car accident attorney will help you get fair and adequate compensation

With our car accident attorney, you are likely to receive adequate and fair compensation that will adequately cover medical expenses, pain and suffering you have undergone and the lost wages among other compensations you are likely to receive. With no-win-no fees policy, you are assured that car accident attorney will work hard to protect your rights and ensure you get the right compensation you are entitled to.

It is good to work with an attorney who has handled numerous car accident claims with a good track record. Whether you incurred car injuries many years ago or some hours ago, experienced personal lawyer has the right skills and materials to gather evidences and ensure you get the compensation your are entitled to. You should not rely on the insurance provider, all the pressure they are mounting on you is designed to make you believe you were at fault. You should not sign or allow any person to sign an agreement without the accident attorney. The paper you are about to sign holds your future and only personal accident lawyer can give you the right advice and ensure you get the compensation

vancouver business cards

Tips to Use Business Cards to Your Benefit Here in Vancouver

In our last afternoon tea, me and the “tea-ites” were discussing whether business cards are even relevant in the online world. The consensus was that “yes” they are. So I thought I’d give you my tips on why they are still relevant and why you shouldn’t go without creating business cards for your business. I know they work for me!

For many years, business cards have been considered the most effective and important tool for networking. A well designed business card can help you generate more leads and increase referrals for your Vancouver business. When customers and clients carry your card, it’s very likely they will pass them to several potential customers.

business card printingAccording to some studies, a business card is one of the most powerful tool for generating more leads. Moreover, it’s also an affordable way to increase your sales. It’s worth mentioning that using a business card is also low tech, energy efficient, compact and even offers other benefits.

A business card not only tells potential customers about the business name and contact information, but also gives them an idea about your style, work and personality. Your business card can be attractive, charming, unique or funny. In addition to this, it can be reused by every person who receives it from another customer or client.

The key functions of a business card are to gain business from every person who comes in contact with it, and to promote the business with chain marketing. Unfortunately, there are many Vancouver business owners who don’t know how to use business cards effectively. Here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Simple is Better

According to studies, it’s always better to keep your business card simple. You shouldn’t go overboard with the designing process. The card should be basic, and include your details. Moreover, it should also have your business logo.

Be Creative

When you need to give away a business card for networking, it needs to be creative. For instance, you can hand-write something on the back of the card. A simple message or your company’s motto can leave a good impression. Some subtle actions can add more personal value to your business card. It makes sure the holder retains the card for a longer period of time. This increases your chance to get positive results.

Use the Standard Size

It’s always better to use a standard size business card. It makes sure people don’t experience any problems while trying to carry your card. When it’s more convenient, it’s likely that people will use your card more.

Use Personal Information

Last but not the least, you should use your personal information on the card. It is important to include all the details, such as your contact information, designation, address and more. This makes sure a potential customer can easily contact your business when required.

If you are looking for a great place to get business cards printed in Vancouver, I recommend LinxPrint. I’ve had the business cards for my current and previous business ventures.

Vancouver's Trails

About the City of Vancouver

Awesome mountains surrounded by various beaches make Vancouver, British Columbia among the most stunning cities on the planet. Many dining establishments and cafe line the fashionable and popular areas of the downtown core. There are roughly 2.5 million individuals staying in the lower mainland of Vancouver of all ethnic background’s, which contributes to the variations of outstanding food and culture!

Vancouver is close to both the mountain and the ocean variety so lots of rain is anticipated. The rain right here can in fact be an issue as grey skies, particularly throughout the winter season months, are one of the couple of negatives of living in Vancouver. As for travellers, the finest time to check out Vancouver is the least wet period which is throughout the summer season months.

Real Estate Situation

Homes have actually always been rather costly in Vancouver. The way of life and the landscape have actually developed a high need for houses in this city. A little house on the west side of Vancouver will certainly cost you upwards of 1 million dollars.

The property market has actually been remarkably resistant in Vancouver. Even through the economic downturn, Vancouver property rates rapidly rebounded and surpass peak levels. Real estate costs are skyrocketing and there is little sign that this trend will stop due to the interest of foreign purchasers and the appeal of Vancouver even for Canadians.

Fun Destinations

Fancy discovering a couple of more things to do in Vancouver on a rainy day? New visitors to the city should take the time to check them out but if you are familiar with the city these may not be brand new to you.

The Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium ought to certainly be on the list of things to do in Vancouver on a rainy day since it is an indoor center! The home of over 50,000 animals from all over the world, there is constantly something amazing and brand-new to see there. And there’s more to the center than satisfies the eye initially glimpse; not just exist reveals readily available to assist you find out more about aquatic life, however the Vancouver Fish tank likewise takes part in and sponsors aquatic study and researches to assist secure and protect all sort of aquatic life.

Telus World of Science
Telus World of Science

Telus World of Science

Open to families and individuals there is something for everyone to take pleasure in at the incredible facility located within 5 minutes of downtown Vancouver. Home to an IMAX theatre, The Telus World of Science offers several different shows of science and nature films daily.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is an interesting location, garnished with cedar trees, beaches, gardens, and lagoons. Wild life exists is this location, types such as such as coyotes, trumpeter swans and beavers are seen. Found near the downtown, Stanley Park is a perfect example of what Vancouver offers with pride!

That’s all for today folks! make sure you stop by again soon for more updates!

This article was written by:

        Ann Martin